Fibromyalgia services offered in Columbia, MD

If you’re limited by chronic fibromyalgia pain, it’s time to consider the benefits of chiropractic care. At Dabbs Rehab Center of MD, the experienced chiropractic specialists offer customized care plans to alleviate chronic pain throughout your body so that you can get back to a physically active life. The providers also offer functional medicine programs to naturally fight inflammation that contributes to fibromyalgia symptoms. Call the office in Columbia, Maryland, to schedule a fibromyalgia consultation or book an appointment online today.

Fibromyalgia Q & A

What is fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder that causes widespread tenderness and pain throughout your body.

The underlying cause of fibromyalgia isn’t well understood, but those with the condition may have an increased sensitivity to pain. Your risk for developing fibromyalgia increases as you get older, especially if you have a family history of the disorder.

If you have chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you may also be at increased risk for developing fibromyalgia.

While there’s currently no cure for the condition, Dabbs Rehab Center of MD offers chiropractic and functional medicine services to minimize pain. The providers also focus on improving your overall health so that you can stay physically active.

When should I seek medical help for fibromyalgia?

You should schedule an evaluation at Dabbs Rehab Center of MD if you already have a fibromyalgia diagnosis and want to reduce your reliance on pain medications.

You can also schedule a consultation if you have unexplained symptoms that relate to fibromyalgia, including:

  • Aching or burning body pain

  • Muscle and joint stiffness

  • Persistent fatigue

  • Numbness or tingling in the arms or legs

The Dabbs Rehab Center of MD providers spend time reviewing your personal and family medical histories. They also physically examine the areas of your body where you feel pain.

Based on their assessment, the providers create a treatment plan to ease your symptoms and manage fibromyalgia in the long term.

What can I expect during treatment for fibromyalgia?

Chiropractic care aims to keep your spine and muscles strong and flexible. The Dabbs Rehab Center of MD providers can use different techniques to manually adjust your spine and joints to ease nerve irritation and tissue inflammation contributing to fibromyalgia pain.

The providers also offer on-site physical therapy services to reduce muscle tension exacerbating fibromyalgia pain. Additionally, alternative therapies like dry needling are available to ease your pain and enhance blood circulation throughout your body.

If you’re a candidate for functional medicine, the specialists create a year-long program for you to follow that uses organic, whole foods to naturally reduce inflammation throughout your body. By incorporating more nutrients into your diet and eliminating harmful chemicals, your body begins to heal itself from the inside out.

Call Dabbs Rehab Center of MD to schedule a diagnostic evaluation for symptoms of fibromyalgia or book an appointment online today.