Dry Needling

Dry Needling

Dry Needling services offered in Columbia, MD

If you’re looking for an alternative to medications for pain relief, you might be a candidate for the dry needling services available at Dabbs Rehab Center of MD. The providers use dry needling techniques to ease muscle tension that causes pain in your back, neck, and shoulders. They target and release painful trigger points so that you can enjoy long-lasting pain relief. Call the Columbia, Maryland, office to schedule a dry needling consultation or book an appointment online today.

Dry Needling Q & A

What is dry needling?

Dry needling is a minimally invasive technique that involves the insertion of a fine needle into tense muscles to ease musculoskeletal pain. The needle is dry and doesn’t inject anything into your body. Instead, it’s a tool to loosen tissue fibers contributing to pain.

The goal of dry needling is to identify and treat painful trigger points in the body. Trigger points are areas of overly tight or dysfunctional muscles that limit your range of motion. These points can develop from muscle overuse or a lack of physical activity.

Dabbs Rehab Center of MD offers dry needling services in-office to complement other therapeutic services you may need for pain, such as physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments.

When should I consider dry needling?

You might be a candidate for the dry needling services available at Dabbs Rehab Center of MD if you have body pain or frequent headaches due to persistent muscle tension.

The providers can use dry needling techniques to treat:

  • Back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Hip pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Arm and leg pain

To determine if you’re a candidate for dry needling, the providers take time to learn about your medical history, your existing health, and the symptoms you experience. They customize a treatment plan to ease your pain and improve your body’s overall function.

What can I expect during a dry needling treatment?

During your dry needling treatment at Dabbs Rehab Center of MD, the providers help you get comfortable on an exam table.

Once they identify your trigger points, your provider inserts a fine needle into the dysfunctional muscle. The needle helps release tension in the tissue fibers to relax the muscle and restore blood flow to the area. It can also stimulate your brain to increase the production of endorphins, your body’s natural pain-relieving chemicals.

You may experience involuntary muscle twitches when the needle penetrates the muscle. These twitches are a good indication that the treatment is working.

Some people experience significant relief of muscle tension and pain after their first dry needling session, but you may need a series of treatments to achieve maximum pain relief. The providers can discuss how many sessions you can expect to schedule during your initial consultation.

Call Dabbs Rehab Center of MD to learn more about the benefits of dry needling or book an appointment online today.