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About Dabbs Rehab Center of Maryland

Here, patients come in with a frown and leave with a smile!

Dabbs Rehab Center of Maryland

Dabbs Rehab Center of Maryland

Dabbs Rehab Center of Maryland

Dabbs Rehab Center of Maryland

Dabbs Rehab Center of Maryland

Dabbs Rehab Center of Maryland

Since Dr. Vaughan Dabbs opened our practice over two decades ago in Columbia, we’ve been providing high-quality natural health care for patients of all ages. In our friendly, caring and family-oriented office, we’ll do everything we can to address your pain or health concern. Our number one goal is to patients better. You can be confident knowing we’ll get to the core of your problem and fix it!

The Dabbs Rehab Center of Maryland Mission

All patients that come into our office are given 100% care and attention so that they come out of their treatment plan feeling great and they refer others because the experience was so fantastic.

Providing Multiple Services under One Roof

In our expansive 6,000-square-foot space, we offer patients an array of services:

A Patient Success Story

Every day, we see patients experience the life-changing effects of our natural care. One of our patient success stories is an 80-year-old woman named Judith. She had rheumatoid arthritis, scoliosis and osteoarthritis. The patient came into our practice, barely being able to walk.

After receiving chiropractic care at our practice, Judith was able to return to her passion–riding horses. Judith is pain-free and was able to get off of her steroids and other medications. “Despite her scoliosis, Judith’s spine is working perfectly now. She is spry and acts like a 40-year-old,” said Dr. Dabbs. Judith loves our staff so much that she comes in a few times a week to visit! MEET THE DOCTORS »

Offering Reasonable Care

We never want financial matters to be an obstacle to our patients getting the care they need. Our fees are reasonable and we offer payment plans and accept most insurance plans. Rest assured that we will work with you so you can access the natural health care you need from us.

Book an Appointment

Contact us today to schedule a same-day appointment. Free consultations are available. We accept insurance and take Tricare and VA insurance.

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