Dabbs Rehab Center of MD

Chiropractors, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation located in Columbia, MD

chiropractic with patient
Dabbs Rehab Center of MD
Chiropractors, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation located in Columbia, MD
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Dabbs Rehab Center of MD
Chiropractors, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation located in Columbia, MD
Family at the chiropractic
Dabbs Rehab Center of MD
Chiropractors, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation located in Columbia, MD

About Dabbs Rehab Center of MD

Dabbs Rehab Center of MD offers a suite of natural solutions for health and wellness in the Columbia, Maryland, area. 

The multidisciplinary providers include a diplomat of chiropractic orthopedics, skilled physical therapists, and leading naturopathic and medical doctors. The dedicated providers work together to provide the most compassionate care for pain while helping patients return to the best health possible.

Many patients around Columbia come to Dabbs Rehab Center of MD for help with back, shoulder, hip, and other types of pain. The skilled providers use a wide range of chiropractic and physical therapy approaches alongside specialized treatments like electrical stimulation, spinal decompression, and therapeutic massage to resolve pain effectively. 

Working with the naturopathic medicine experts and medical doctors, patients can also get help with inflammation, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and other conditions that may hold them back from full health.

Dabbs Rehab Center of MD offers comprehensive health services in a well-equipped 6,000-foot facility. They’re welcoming new patients at this time, so use the provided booking link or call the Columbia chiropractor to book an appointment today.

"The staff is great and helps with any anxiety you may have. Every time I finish a session I am truly amazed at how pain free I feel."

Denise R.
"Awesome place for rehab. Everyone super helpful and cordial. The treating doctors and staff are very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!!"

Mazen C.
"Chiropractors are very skilled and have helped me deal with injuries and neck problems for over 10 years!"

Audrey B.
"I love Dabbs! Always caring and compassionate professionals from the time you step in until you leave. "

Rasheedah S.
"After treatment and following specific exercises I have improved beyond what I thought possible."

Kim H.
"Always a pleasant experience from the time I enter the office. Everyone is very kind and friendly."

Cindi B.
"I would highly recommend Dabbs Rehab to anyone. I wish I lived in the area so I could see them regularly."

Susan A.
"This group of chiropractors has saved my life repeatedly over the last 30 years. Skilled, compassionate, they know how to get a person's bones back into the right place"

Joe S.
"I have been going to Dabbs for over a year and a half and have found the care to be excellent. The staff is friendly and the chiropractors are all wonderful."

Elisa F.
"The facility is clean and the rest of the staff have all been pleasant and helpful. Highly recommend!"

Jessica R.
"Dabbs is the best chiropractic office ever - the staff is extremely cordial and t doctors listen to what your ailments are and target those areas directly..."

Carolyn D.
"From the receptionists to the team of health professionals they are all extremely nice and caring. I am so glad I switched to Dabbs."

B. B.
"I have gone there many times over the last few years for a variety of issues and have always been pleased by the timely treatment and the friendly, personable staff."

Paul W.
"I usually wait no longer than 5 minutes to be seen upon arrival and I leave feeling great after my adjustments."

Tanjala H.
"The set-up looks like they have an array of things going on to help you get back on track to feeling like you - not just the adjustments. Look forward to future visits!"

Kim N.
"The staff is friendly and they explain EVERYTHING in detail which is very important to me. I highly recommend Dabbs Rehab to anyone suffering with back pain."

Diana S.
"One visit and feel so, so much better. Wonder just how good I'm going to feel with numerous more visits."

Richard B.
"Very kind and caring experience. Everyone went out of their way to be helpful."

S. K.
"The entire team is professional, attentive and caring. The doctors earnestly engage in my care plan and overall wellbeing."

Davita C.
"A combination of modern day and traditional therapies got me back on my feet with a much more solid core and most importantly, no pain."

Marcus E.
"I was very pleased with their suggestions. They were very courteous and professional."

Teresa G.
"The staff is always friendly, fun and professional. I highly recommend Dabbs Rehab Center."

Chris M.
"I really like the treatment at Dabbs Rehab Center. I am glad that finally I have found the good doctor who treating me in the right way."

Farah K.
"Really helped with my back issues and staff is extremely nice."

Robert W.
"This office always makes your experience with them great. Professional, friendly, helpful, beneficial things to do after you leave and of course my back loves them!!"

Cindy C.
"I use the chiropractic and physical therapy services at Dabbs and am very happy with the results."

Steve B.
"First time visiting a chiropractor, this place is clean, organized, staff friendly and knowledgeable."

Eduardo S.
"All the therapists and doctors were very nice and professional as was the office staff. The course of treatment I received was very helpful."

Liz L.
"Wonderful place for Chiropractic Services great staff and Doctors, Get you feeling good and aligned Again."

Jim L.
"Great service. Fast and convenient. They are always willing to take me on at the last second when I fail to make an appointment."

Harold P.
We accept most insurance providers. If you have specific questions regarding your coverage, please contact us for additional information.
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Kaiser Permanente
Optum Health
Integrated Health Plan
Great West
Workers Compensation
Mail Handlers
Johns Hopkins Health
United Health Care
Auto Accident Injury

Our Location


8600 Snowden River Parkway, Suite 101
Columbia, MD 21045

Hours Of Operation:
7:30 AM - 7:00 PM
7:30 AM - 7:00 PM
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
7:30 AM - 7:00 PM